Proyecto Latino

"Project Latin" or to sound cooler I just name it after Spanish words, Proyecto Latino is a personal project that I began to remind myself a bunch of priceless memories and fantastic experiences in one of my biggest challenges, the 3-month trip to Latin America.

In this project, I design black squares with the names of the places I lived/visited in that amazing trip and hence follow my own footprints once again.

Since that adventurous journey includes lots of cities, towns, villages or ancient places (I mean... LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS of), I've desired to design a unique square for each.

Not only that trip was solely challenging, now to design unique elements and do something different for each piece of work is a BIG thing for me, too.


To sum up, Proyecto Latino is a colorful project full of creativity and joy while designing and full of memories that take me back to the lands of those beautiful people. STAY TUNED, MORE TO COME!