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Procubex Identity Design

Client: Procubex Engineering Consultancy Ltd., Istanbul, Turkey

Scope: Naming (Prework), Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Web Design

PROCUBEX is, as defined by their core values, a "unique solutions provider" for the energy companies upstream and downstream (oil industry) who face engineering problems that seem impossible to solve. We have collaborated with them to build a perfect brand identity from scratch.

The goal was to come up with the most appropriate and memorable design execution for logo and other brand assets, which would serve us to create an extraordinary oilfield service brand. As the target market is full of mediocre, we were seeking for a quirky, avant-garde and higher level of a brand character, that would reflect the culture and values of its founder Alzade Güldağ.

The challenge was to build the design work on the idea of Rubik's Cube, which has been one of the greatest and the most popular problems/puzzles/toys in the world in every decade. Cube is angular yet colorful, problematic yet has many ways to solve, needs practice (experience) to overcome and it is a problem which can only be solved if you are good at analytical and logical thinking.

The solution... Well, if you follow the path below, you'll be familiar with the creative process in this project.

Let's start the journey!

"No need to tell how joyful working with Berkay is!"

"When I decided to work with a designer I knew that there were plenty of professionals in the market. I was looking for someone whose capital is his intelligence and backpack; that's why I decided to work with Berkay. I used to work with him in drilling fields and he was coming up with new ideas to improve all projects. 

At the beginning of the PROCUBEX branding process and website design, I was impressed because his drawing looked like the Large Hadron Collider, and then I noticed how big and different he can imagine. No need to tell how joyful working with Berkay is, but I can say he is a fast learner (a good Rubik cube solver), he listens with patience, creates, and applies very fast. This modest traveler designer has completed all our project steps earlier than promised and the whole process was impressive for us. To be honest, I have zero hesitation for giving his number to companies who would need his expertise."


Alzade Güldağ, the Founder, PROCUBEX

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