Other Works

Social media content, print work and some other projects I have done for clients.

Stable Drilling Fluids

One of the most dynamic, visionary and productive energy companies of Turkey, Stable Drilling Fluids, gave me the chance to meet the word "design" when I was a part of "Stable DF family", proudly. I used to work both as an engineer+team leader (and took part in designing the technical requirements), and as an in-house web and graphic designer.

Current website of the company and social media content exposed below are handcrafted with love.

I am still serving "the family" as freelance designer and help them with social media graphic content and more. You can check my work below.

80 bin metre 2.png

Perfection Health Center

This is a beauty and health tourism company based in Istanbul, TR and they asked me if I could help them to grow their Instagram profile with tailor-made designs. I was happy to participate in that project enhancing my discovery and knowledge on different areas/industries.


Teknobasket / Söğütsen Seramik Basketbol


Söğütsen Seramik Basketbol is a basketball academy for children and young people mainly based in Ankara and reached me to design social media posts which I did not refuse the opportunity to grow my discovery zone into sports and academy. Also, I was a basketball kiddo at that age (probably 10 or 11) and my shiny basketball career lasted only for a year. No, I'm not crying...

carusel ikili full.png