Morena Gelato Artesanal Identity Design

Client: Morena Gelato Artesanal, Madrid, ESP

Assets: Logo, business cards, craft bag, apron design, a set of ice cream cup, more to come.

A Madrid-based ice cream boutique Morena, which was seeking to build an intimate and cosy brand reached out me to design all of its visual identity from scratch.

The goal was to construct a warm and friendly boutique that would feel like "our friend in neighbourhood" and would be a place of good memories instead of serving just an ice cream. Moreover, Rafaela, the one and only chef of the boutique, has a target persona in mind that would be nature-lover, young and mature people from 25 to 45, would have beautiful experiences and build a good network at the place.

This was a semi-non-client project actually because there is neither Morena nor a person called Rafaela Barbosa; however, for all through the building & designing process I was in close contact with my beloved morena Elif whose dream is to open up a natural gelato van and travel across the world one day. She was really helpful for me to discover what kind of artisan shop Morena could be. Thanks a lot mi amor.

Below: A cheerful set of Morena Gelato: "How do you feel today?"

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