MOONxLIGHT Night Club Logo Design

As the moon first shows up itself in a starry sky, some people begin to prepare themselves for an upcoming ceremony of dance later in the night. They are nobody but a community gathered to dive into the super-crystal water of the bay, super-shiny sands of the bay and super-peaceful ambiance of the bay in the Southwest of Turkey called Turunç, Marmaris.

Before announcing its grand launch, MOONxLIGHT Night Club -an open air bistro and beach club- required an elegant, premium-look, sophisticated logo as their target audience would be so.

Following a long journey of discovery, sketches and execution process for another fictitious brand, I finally ended up with the design of a condensed, stylish, subtle and modern logo with a custom-made typeface. The lettering system here is around the ratio of 1:5 to boost the elegance of the logo.

More of brand identity: