Güvercin App Logo Design

/güvercin/ (turkish: "pigeon", the first domesticated bird by human as messenger with the help of its flawless skill of homing)

Güvercin App (or in the Playstore "GÜVERCİNapp") is a new generation messaging application —at the moment only for Turkish users— and the team, who has developed it, wants to spread all over the market and compete with the popular conversation platforms.

They wanted their logo to be beautifully designed, very simple, easy to remember (i.e. catchy) and geometric as it would be used as the icon of application.

After discovery and sketches sessions, I finally present the digital drawing to the client and they loved it. A sexy combination of orange and yellow degrade is used to achieve a vibrant and positive experience.

Another non-client project started with the goal of achieving a brand that looks so alive with its vivid logo, seems like to be completed on the very same route of the initial will.

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