Desidero Identity Redesign

Client: Desidero Ltd., London, UK

Assets: Logo, presentation template, modular elements

A London-based experience and service design company Desidero reached out to me with the need to renovate its entire visual identity after having a good but silent logo for the previous 3 years.

Rather than just a logo change, the brand was after a total repositioning in the market.

The goal here was to create a bold and unique identity for Desidero that would look modern, dynamic, more avant-garde, more expressive and totally custom-made to fit client's brief. The new identity would be used mainly on digital channels and keynote decks.

The challenge was to satisfy the expectations completely and to create a set of visual assets to represent the verbal identity in client's mind. I was expected to form a dynamic wordmark, which was eventually achieved by two adjacent lines instead of a single-stationary line. Furthermore, I cut the fat, rounded typeface diagonally to have a clear contrast. Since Desidero is designing experiences and changes behavior of people, I formed a human-shaped letter "i" just in the center of the brand.

With the help of strong relationship built on the initial point of this project, the entire process was smooth and effective in means of communication and design. After days and weeks of discovery, sketching/conceptualizing, digitally drawing, presenting the original ideas and revisions, we successfully hit the target and tailored the perfect identity together and I'm very proud to be a part of that.


Potential clients and other people can reach out to Desidero for collaboration, through website. Hence I was seeking for designing a logo which would make sure that "YOU. ARE. VISITING. DESIDERO." No more reminder. Above, you can see how the logo stands out for the brand so effectively and aesthetically.

Other Assets Designed: Presentation Deck

After the logo and identity system has been decided, we moved forward to the next brand asset that Desidero uses a lot to show itself, which is presentation deck (below).

It needed to be playful, colorful yet corporate (i.e. not childish) and needed to be modular for being used easily by Desidero people.

And after a couple of presentation of presentations, boom, we got to the point so beautifully, which is shown below.

The shapes are actually parts of the letter "i" of the logo. When it's horizontally cut into 3 pieces, you can get a rectangle, a square and a circular shape. So as soon as I found out this, I used it to add some spice. Moreover, you can see again some shapes are cut diagonally on the corners, to complete the identity without saying "Desidero" again and again.

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