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Personal Mark Self-branding

Sorry to have a little cliché here: I guess the most painful process as a graphic designer (after taxes and the other government issues of course) is to design the perfect brand mark for yourself. Once you begin, it looks like to last forever. Revisions and revisions and changes and changes, maybe a small serif here, an oblique shape there... 

But after a dozen of attempts, now I'm considering this project not as a "pain in the ass" thing, but more of a challenge and a never-ending training to keep my sharpness all the time. That itching feeling of being able to do much better each time, actually keeps me on the track. So I'm just thankful to the client living inside of me.

The brand "Berkay Daçe" needed to be energetic, vibrant and playful as it would reflect my own character into the business. That is the reason behind the yellow and coral colors I picked -also they are my favorite colors lol-. I chose Poppins, a wide & rounded typeface, to support the playfulness; however I preferred to type in white ExtraLight letters in order to balance the fun with a professional, serious attitude. 

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Mockup-4 jpeg.jpg

Discovery and early raw sketches:


More of brand identity: